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Cool Moon and the Mongol Rally - Summer 2014
The following item appeared in the Willamette Week - Volume 40/35, July 2nd, 2014.
On August 8, 2007 a large and magical message from the Cool Moon crew was written in the skies over Portland. It was a fun event to plan, and an inspiring achievement to watch unfold. The pilot, Forest Grove’s own Suzanne Oliver, the last professional “free hand, daredevil” skywriter in the country, and the only woman skywriter, inspired us to help her take a shot at showing her hometown what a modern day Amelia Earhart can do. We thought it was going to be neat, but when we actually saw it, we were blown away by her skill.

We have also been really moved by the response from so many of you in the community. We received calls from curious onlookers, all over Portland, asking us about the business and expressing the same excitement we felt watching those large cloudlike letters appear in the sky. We enjoyed your messages as much as we hope you enjoyed ours.
Cool Moon Construction Updates
A log - highlights of our construction process.

Wow! A lot has happened in a relatively short time. We received approval to begin construction during the first week of October, and conducted high-tech ground penetrating radar to locate areas of our floor slab where we could safely core drill to accommodate new plumbing. Within five days, Cool Moon took skeletal shape as walls were framed and the major systems that go inside them—plumbing, electrical, and mechanical—have been put into place. We mark two weeks of construction today, and have received all major approvals—the contractors even received compliments—from Portland’s building inspectors! We are excited to see the two dimensional vision becoming real bricks and mortar (well, steel and sheetrock anyway!)

Here are some photos:


We are poised and waiting for the last approvals from the “Powers that Be” so that we can begin construction. We had hoped for today, but hoops still remain… We can see the light, however, so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed! Meanwhile, the space has been cleared out and ever-vigilant Seiko (our ceramic Labrador) has gone home, temporarily, to watch other doors until the new Moon rises. He will be back!

The Cool Moon "Adventures in Space"
Pearl District neighbors and visitors know that Seiko, our (ceramic) watch dog, has been spending the dog-days of summer minding Cool Moon Ice Cream’s future home at 1105 NE Johnson St. in Portland, OR. Check out these links for photos of the pre-construction installations that have appeared sequentially in our space:
Many Moons Ago - July 20 to August 2, 2007

Seiko holds down the fort as 80 helium balloons rise to the occasion in the Cool Moon space:

The Neon Galaxy - August 2 to August 20, 2007

Moving boxes open revealing a pattern of neon notions: hearts, lights, and Cool Moons. Seiko contemplates the deeper meanings. You can too.:

There’s No Place like Home - August 20 to September 7, 2007

We thought this was going to be fun way to highlight our deep Oregon roots, and we thought you would like the chance to get to know us. So, we put together a slide show reflecting our memories of growing up, with the idea of showing it in our space. What we didn’t expect was wiping away a few tears after watching it. It’s easy to forget who you are, and where you are from. It may sound hokey, but come down and “meet” us, our childhood friends, our family, our pets--Munne, Jessie, Puna, Zephyr, Sirius, Rose, Luci, Linus, Toranoko, and few odd ducks—all a wonderful part of growing up (and older!) in Oregon. Even more importantly, we hope it inspires you to crack open the old yearbook, shoe box of photos, or scrap book, and reminisce a little. Hint: Ice cream helps!

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